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Atlanta Gynecology for Compassionate All-Female Care Providers

Midwifery care is an excellent alternative to traditional medical care and hospital births. Midwifery care is typically low-intervention, evidence-based, holistic care that focuses on the woman and her family. Midwives offer patient-focused, customized care in a nurturing, welcoming environment. Atlanta Gynecology is a diverse practice of female physicians and nurse-midwives who provide excellent, nurturing care to women. 

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About Atlanta Gynecology

315 Winn Way

Decatur, GA 30030

Atlanta Gynecology and Obstetrics is a practice that includes a diverse group of female physicians and nurse-midwives. Moreover, this team shares perspectives and experiences with the women they serve. As a female-owned-and-operated business, this practice understands the importance of women making medical decisions in the best interest of themselves and their families. 

Atlanta Gynecology and Obstetrics provides care for women and babies through a skilled team of physicians and midwives with years of experience guiding women along their birth journey. The team aims to help women make the best possible decisions about their care through collaboration, informed choice, and safety. Women should feel empowered to enjoy the birth experience they’ve always pictured. 

At this practice, women are guided and educated during every visit. Care even includes “Time for Talk Meetings,” which are 1-on-1 meetings when clients can speak to their healthcare providers with any questions and concerns they might have. 

mom to be kneels on the floor while covering her bump with long white sheets Atlanta gynecology


Atlanta Gynecology features a midwifery team of six certified nurse midwives. The team includes Julia Smookler, Kia Harrison-Wyatt, Dixie Gilmore, Amy Wells, Claire Droll, and Shannan Healy. 

Prenatal appointments include a ten-week checkup, called Baby Bump Beginnings, that consists of health discussions, a pregnancy timeline, and a birth plan template. Between 26 and 28 weeks, women will have a “Mid Term Chug-n-Chat” appointment, which includes a one-hour glucose test, a health checkup, and measurements. Furthermore, at 36 weeks, women will attend a “Labor of Love and Lists” appointment, where the birth plan will be completed and agreed to by the care team and patient. 

Several prenatal testing options are available to screen for certain genetic conditions and congenital disabilities, including Down’s syndrome and other Trisomy conditions. Screenings also test for neural tube defects affecting the baby’s spinal cord and brain. If any screening comes back with abnormal results, the patient may be referred to a maternal-fetal medicine specialist for further counseling and diagnostic testing. 

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Atlanta Gynecology believes vaccines are an important part of a healthy pregnancy. The providers at this practice recommend the influenza vaccine, the Tdap vaccine, and the Covid-19 vaccine. Birthing options include:

  • a vaginal birth, the most common way of birthing a child, or
  • a cesarean section birth, an operation where a baby is delivered through an abdominal incision. 

Atlanta Gynecology also recommends several pain relief options for labor and delivery, including:

  • relaxation techniques,
  • water therapy,
  • IV pain medication, and
  • an epidural. 

Within one week of giving birth, women will meet with the healthcare team in person or on the phone. Additionally, the office completes a routine postpartum checkup at four weeks postpartum. Women are welcome to bring their baby to this appointment.

Atlanta Gynecology

Through the combined efforts of physicians and nurse-midwives, patients at Atlanta Gynecology can access patient-focused, evidence-based, personal care, nurturing, and family-friendly. In conclusion, this practice offers patients specialized care from a team of all women who understand the importance of female health. 

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