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Raising two kids can be a real STRUGGLE, but being parents to THREE is a whole different story and can be a hard thing to juggle!! When this mama-to-be came to us for her Atlanta maternity session, she immediately knew that she wanted to include her hubby and two sons ages 1 and 3! She […]

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A boudoir session can make a great gift for yourself or your significant other on your wedding day! But for us, boudoir photography is SO MUCH more than that!! It’s about the experience each of our clients receives. Not to mention the insanely gorgeous images they leave with in the end. Your experience starts the […]

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When Amanda came to us for her Atlanta maternity session little did we realize the Incredible journey she was on. Amanda, like many thousands of other women, had walked a lonely, deep dark path of infertility. We wanted to shed some light on infertility. So you may better understand and maybe even be a support […]

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Boudoir photography has a HUGE taboo around it that tends to scare many women away. And quite frankly, we don’t like it! At Melissa Lynne Couture we firmly believe that boudoir photography doesn’t have to be “raunchy” or over sexualize women in any shape, form, or fashion. Boudoir Sessions should be all about the celebration […]

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What do I wear for my photos? How the heck do I pose?? When should I even schedule my maternity session??? These are just a few of the most commonly asked questions that we get from pregnant women when they are preparing for their maternity photoshoot! And we get it. We do. These are some […]

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