silhouette of a baby bump with a shirt draped over mom Baby Love Atlanta

Baby Love Atlanta for Compassionate Care During Motherhood

Having a baby is one of the most exhilarating occasions in life. You are about to unlock a whole new world of joy and adventure! But this monstrous phase can be overwhelming whether it is your first pregnancy or if you have other little ones at home. From the moment your baby is home, everything is different. It can be easy to feel inundated with household tasks, chores, and the pressure of creating an entirely new routine. Even the littlest decisions can feel monumental when it comes to a new baby. When you should be bonding and recovering, all of a sudden can turn stressful and tense. Plus, add in all those hormones, and you’ve got a tenuous situation. That is when mothers turn to Baby Love Atlanta.

silhouette of a baby bump with a shirt draped over mom Baby Love Atlanta

Baby Love in Atlanta is an organization dedicated to helping new families in a time of transition when expecting or welcoming home a new baby. Their highly trained and compassionate team of doulas is here to help you and your baby acclimate calmly by alleviating some of the distractions that can arise. Read on to find out more about their extensive services.

About Baby Love Atlanta

Baby Love is a women-owned and operated Atlanta business dedicated to helping new parents prepare for their new arrival and care for them once they are born. Their small team of doulas is ready to assist new parents in the Atlanta area to ready their homes and lives for a new baby. Whether it is their first or simply adding to a growing family. They offer prenatal and postpartum care, including home visits or virtual consultations. The doulas are also trained in various baby-related areas, including lactation consultants and car seat safety. Whatever help you need or questions you may have, they are prepared to help and put your mind at ease.

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Baby Love Atlanta’s new parent consultants are available to help you prepare for your new addition and to make the transition home with your baby as smooth as possible. They can help you create your personalized birth plan, prepare your body and stay healthy as you approach childbirth. Additionally, they ensure you are ready for the hospital and your homecoming. Their postpartum doulas are ready day and night to help make your transition into motherhood smooth. Offering physical and emotional support throughout your first weeks with your baby. They will help you settle in, helping with light housekeeping and caring for your new baby while you rest. And, of course, they offer emotional support by helping with recommendations for feeding, sleeping, and baby products.


A unique service that Baby Love offers is placenta encapsulation. According to their website, ingesting your placenta can help with reducing fatigue, increase breast milk production, and shorten healing time. They steam, dehydrate, and ground the placenta before placing it into vegan capsules for you to consume and boost your post-baby body. 

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Baby Love Atlanta

Having a new baby is exhausting. No one knows that better than these Baby Love Atlanta doulas. They dedicated themselves to helping growing families adjust healthily to a new baby. If you are expecting or have recently had a baby, I highly recommend looking into Baby Love Atlanta’s services to ensure that you are getting all of the care, compassion, and attention you need to allow you to have a beautiful transition into motherhood with your new baby. 

Just a note: Baby Love Atlanta has now rebranded itself as Babymoon. 

Once you have found your new maternity support system, I would love to chat about capturing your dream maternity and newborn photos! So reach out to start the conversation today! For more Atlanta motherhood content, click on the blog links below. 

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