mom to be lying on the floor with her bump and covering her breasts Magnolia Birth House

Visit Magnolia Birth House for a Home-Like Birthing Atmosphere!

Are you seeing double? Congrats! Those two pink lines or that blatantly bold printed PREGNANT on the screen can be both exciting and scary. Tons of questions running through your mind of where to have your baby, will they respect your birth plan? Deep breaths, mama-to-be, you’ve got this. Whether this is your first pregnancy or fourth, selecting the right place to give birth can make your birthing experience everything you dream it would be. Suppose you’re longing for a more natural experience and hoping to avoid a hospital birth but are not sure you want to deliver your little one at home. In that case, a birth center like Magnolia Birth House is the perfect happy medium to experience your unique, empowering, and transformative journey to meet your precious little peanut.

About Magnolia Birth House

The first and only community-founded natural birthing center women’s health organization in South Florida, and one of only 34 licensed birth centers in all of Florida, Magnolia Birth House has been an incredible community asset. Leading founders Michelle Fonte and Tamara Taitt, who both had a background in helping to bring babies into the world, saw a need for a birthing center in their community.

Knowing they couldn’t do it alone, they quickly set up the “One Big Push” operation. They reached out to their community for a push of support to open Magnolia Birth House. Finally, with dedication and lots of support from the community, they opened in 2016. The team has been helping to support, guide, and celebrate growing families every day with the help of well-trained, knowledgeable, and dedicated care professionals.

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Magnolia adheres to specific state guidelines that allow them to provide care services to low-risk pregnant people. If you or your baby become at risk at any time, they will consult with a physician or refer you for more in-depth specialized care.

  • Free Consultation
  • Amenities
  • Fertility & Preconception
  • Prenatal Care
  • Midwife Miami
  • Doula Support
  • Labour & Birth
  • Postpartum
  • Childbirth Classes 

mom to be lying on the floor with her bump and covering her breasts Magnolia Birth House

Birthing Center Perks 

Their birth center’s home-like atmosphere creates a private space, allowing you to feel comfortable and safe during this intimate and vulnerable time. At Magnolia, you can walk, eat, rest, talk, soak in a soothing warm tub of water. You can even spend time with your family or chosen support without being told to stay in bed with lots of uncomfortable wires.

Your midwife and the trained birthing team will provide guidance, support, and information so you can make informed choices throughout your unique journey. After your precious one arrives, they stay with you the whole time, even during their newborn exams. This allows you to have the crucial time you need to bond and breastfeed. There is no unnecessary prolonged hospital stay at Magnolia Birth House. Moms typically leave the birth center within 4-5 hours of their baby’s birth. 

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Magnolia Birth House

Take charge of your birthing journey with confidence. Magnolia Birth House can help you achieve the birth experience you’re longing to celebrate with guidance and support where you need it most.

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