mother and daughter in black sitting on the floor holding the baby bump NINI and LOLI

NINI and LOLI for Eco-Friendly Children’s Products in South Florida

We do so much of our shopping these days in big box stores because they somehow seem more convenient and cost-effective. But it’s easier than you think to support small businesses and find quality products unique to shopping in stores with specially curated collections of high-end products just for you and your family. NINI and LOLI in South Florida is a small business dedicated to providing families with safe products for children and our environment! Their stores are clean, colorful, and consistently refreshed with trendy new clothes, toys, and baby gear. 

By visiting one of their stores, you will get a high-end shopping experience with the knowledge that you are supporting a small business that genuinely cares about protecting our world and the little people to whom we are passing it on! 

About NINI and LOLI

NINI and LOLI is a family-run business with four locations in South Florida. They are committed to providing high-quality products that are eco-friendly and organic from companies committed to fair trade and sustainable manufacturing practices. That means that not only are their products good for your kids, but they are good for the planet, too! 

Their locations in South Florida include Aventura Mall, Brickell City Centre, Promenade Shops, and The Square. While their shops are treasure troves to wander through, you can shop on their extensive website if you aren’t visiting South Florida anytime soon. Even if you do live in South Florida, you can order online and pick it up in-store at any of their locations! 

mother and daughter in black sitting on the floor holding the baby bump NINI and LOLI


NINI and LOLI’s premium baby and child products represent some of the most luxurious brands in the business. Whatever you are shopping for, you’ll be able to find it at their stores! They carry high-end strollers built for both safety and style. 

Suppose you find yourself frequently on the go. In that case, they have plenty of gear to make carrying your baby and all their belongings easy and fashionable. They have plenty of feeding items designed to make breastfeeding easier and mealtimes for older kids more fun! 

Are you creating the nursery or bedroom of your dreams? NINI and LOLI carry extensive furniture and decor to give your child a comfortable and stylish growing space. 

family of 3 eagerly awaiting their new baby while dressed to the nines NINI and LOLI

If you are looking for the perfect toy for the little one in your life, NINI and LOLI carry tons of high-end toys with name brands like Jellycat, Brio, Sophie la Girafe, and more! There are toys for kids of every age. Whether you are looking for something to cuddle, puzzle, or inspire, you will definitely find it at NINI and LOLI.

They also have a beautiful array of quality-made apparel for boys and girls, featuring a variety of styles, colors, patterns, and textiles. They also have a collection of neutral-colored outfits and gifts if you want something more gender-neutral. 

family of three in white shirts and jeans sitting on the floor awaiting their next baby


Their team of customer service associates in-store is multilingual and ready to assist you with anything you need! They are prepared to help in English, Spanish, Russian, and Portuguese seven days a week. 


NINI and LOLI is the perfect place to find that last-minute item on your list or to spend an afternoon strolling through one of their stores searching for that perfect thing you didn’t even know you needed. If you aren’t local, check out their website, and you’ll still get a great first impression of this sweet small business with a lot of heart. 

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