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High-Quality Maternity Care With OBGYNs at Piedmont Maternity!

Finding out that you are expecting is one of your life’s most surreal and exciting moments. You’re about to enter into the world of constant firsts. Everything is new and magical, from those early kicks to buying your first piece of baby gear. While it’s all thrilling, it can also be a bit nerve-wracking. That is why I believe in finding a healthcare center that will have your back your entire pregnancy. Piedmont Maternity has some outstanding providers, but I adore Piedmont Atlanta Women’s Center regarding maternity care. The group provides expert service and approaches each patient with the care they deserve. 

About Piedmont Maternity

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Since its founding in 1905, Piedmont Healthcare has always been on the cutting edge of modern medicine. Despite its constant pursuit of innovation, the center has always maintained its bedside manner. Piedmont Healthcare is devoted to making a positive difference in all its patients’ lives. Their maternity care is a prime example of that. With over a dozen locations filled with expert doctors, you can find an OB that will meet your family’s needs. 

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Piedmont Maternity offers high-quality, compassionate care for every point of your pregnancy. The center has nearly fifty incredible doctors on their staff, ready to meet with you and assist starting from the first few weeks of pregnancy. Your doctor will answer your questions and guide you through every step of the journey. As your pregnancy progresses, your OB will get more involved, scheduling frequent check-ups to ensure everything is going well. Once it comes time to deliver, you will have access to the maternity suits at any of their thirteen locations. 

Piedmont is here to make sure you feel equipped for parenthood. On top of their fantastic doctors, the center offers a large selection of prenatal classes so you can study every aspect and prepare for your new role in life. 

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One of the best things about Piedmont is its state-of-the-art delivery suites across multiple locations. It doesn’t matter where you deliver. You’ll experience the same high-end care in all of their maternity centers. The doctors and nurses are expertly trained and eager to treat all their patients with compassion. After your baby is born, you’ll be able to do an hour of uninterrupted skin-to-skin to build your bond with your newborn. The lactation consultants will meet with you to advise and ensure your first feedings go well. If you’re planning on using formula out of the gate, you don’t have to worry about judgment. The entire staff supports your feeding choice and reminds you that fed is best. Before you leave, you will go over car seat safety and receive access to helpful resources. 

In the weeks following your delivery, you’ll receive unparalleled postpartum care, where your doctor will check in on your emotional and mental recovery. Even after the fourth trimester, you’ll receive expert care specific to your needs. 

mom to be in a silhouette with the Atlanta skyline behind her Piedmont Maternity

Piedmont Maternity

Choosing an OB for your pregnancy can be intimidating, but Piedmont Maternity makes it easy. Regardless of where you are in Atlanta, you’re sure to have a Piedmont doctor nearby and ready to take you on. 

Once your OB is booked, it’s time to start planning your maternity shoot. At Melissa Lynne Couture, we specialize in empowering women through maternity portraits that make them feel gorgeous. Call us today so we can begin to book your session. And while you’re here, view more of our motherhood resources below!

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