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Wanna hear something crazy? Women used to spend their pregnancies hiding from cameras (gasp!!) — but thanks to the advent of glamorous and artistic maternity photoshoots, moms-to-be now have the opportunity to document this magical time in their lives in the most unique way! But how can you make the most of your own personal photo shoot? That’s where we can help 🙂 In this post we’re going to give you 10 tips on how to get the most memorable and beautiful shots possible from your maternity session and give you some maternity photoshoot ideas!


And this may be the most important tip/advice we can give you! Find the photographer who’s work and style you LOVE the most and who you connect with the most.

Remember, your photographer’s job isn’t to just simply take the most flattering photos, but to also provide an unforgettable experience. At Melissa Lynne Couture we do just this! We bring you in for a full day of pampering including hair and makeup!! Ooohhh La La!

Our goal is for you to feel completely relaxed, comfortable, and beautiful your entire time with us. We want to celebrate YOU, the miraculous life within you, and capture the essence of your beauty and emotions as you await the birth of the greatest gift you will ever receive.

Now, let’s get on to how to prepare and tips on what you should wear!!

The Right Preparation

Our best tips are more about what to AVOID when preparing for your maternity photoshoot.

Let’s talk tanning first, we suggest that you don’t get a spray tan or use any bronzers prior to your session! Trust us on this. You will photograph a lot more tan than you think and the camera picks up on every streak from bad tanners.. you don’t want that!

Also avoid wearing tight fitting undergarments prior to your session. Try to arrive with loose fitting clothing or a robe to wear while getting your hair and makeup done to prevent any body marks!

Getting That Glow

When it comes to hair and makeup, we usually go for a soft, more natural glam look. Raven recommends soft waves for the hair and full glam makeup with an even skin tone and accented eyes, cheekbones, and lips.

If you want to go a little extra glam, we’re BIG fans of false but natural-looking eyelashes. The curve of the eyelashes helps to create a gorgeous, feminine silhouette!

Bring the Bling

We encourage our pregnant mothers to bring accessories such as statement jewelry, scarves, flowers, hair crowns, etc.

Textures and colors will add a lovely dimension to your portraits, but we do recommend to keep the images simpler and not to do too much accessorizing so that it does not take away from the beauty of a maternity portrait.


One of our most coveted wardrobe items for our maternity sessions is our collection of Couture Gowns that we import in from Germany from designer Katharina Hakaj Couture.

Every one of our maternity sessions includes one gorgeous gown, of your choice, from our studio collection! The couture gowns are sure to make you feel like a Goddess!!

Show Some Skin

Something like this is a perfect option if you don’t want to reveal too much but still want to show off your belly! You can always go for a crop top or a bandeau top paired with a sheer skirt or simple bra and panties is always GORGEOUS!!

Semi Silhouettes

We absolutely adore the artistic feel of semi-silhouettes and how they so beautifully capture the details of your pregnancy! We often like to incorporate an oversized sleep shirt over your bra and panties or nothing at all because it just adds a sense of softness to the images, but you could always go for just undergarments or a sheer dress!

The BodySuit

A wardrobe option that you just cannot go wrong with! The simplicity of a form-fitting bodysuit brings a beautiful, yet sexy, Boss Mom feel to the table and we are alllll about it. You can pair a body suit with your favorite heels and trust us you will rock the camera because you feel so dang good about yourself!

Material Girl

Natural silks, chiffons, or any sheer flowing fabrics that can be beautifully draped around you and be tossed in the air create absolutely stunning images. We recommend this option if you are wanting to go for semi-nude maternity portraits!

Timing Is Everything

Maternity portraits are best captured from week 29 to week 36– but, of course that can vary! For example, we recommend scheduling a photo shoot from week 27 to week 31 if you’re carrying multiples. 

Whenever you schedule your appointment, be sure to factor in some post–photo shoot romance into your plans. Planning a romantic dinner date with your partner after the session is the perfect way to enhance and sustain the significance of your photo shoot experience!

To reserve your maternity session experience and book your dream photoshoot with Melissa Lynne Couture please CONTACT US and let’s chat OR click the button to fill out the form below to schedule your complimentary phone consult right NOW!! We can’t wait to hear from you! 🙂

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