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Boudoir photography has a HUGE taboo around it that tends to scare many women away. And quite frankly, we don’t like it! At Melissa Lynne Couture we firmly believe that boudoir photography doesn’t have to be “raunchy” or over sexualize women in any shape, form, or fashion. Boudoir Sessions should be all about the celebration […]

What do I wear for my photos? How the heck do I pose?? When should I even schedule my maternity session??? These are just a few of the most commonly asked questions that we get from pregnant women when they are preparing for their maternity photoshoot! And we get it. We do. These are some […]

All women are beautiful!! We truly believe this. Whether you have curves, no curves, butt, or no butt.. YOU are beautiful!! Sometimes the secret to looking your best in photos is finding the best boudoir outfits that fit your body type! As an Atlanta Boudoir Photographer we get a ton of questions about what to […]

Something we truly believe: Pregnancy is a beautiful thing! But… it doesn’t always feel that way. While you may be lucky enough to enjoy some perks, like glowing skin, luxurious locks, and a cute baby bump, you’re also going to see the downsides of pregnancy – swollen ankles, newfound tiger stripes, and a rollercoaster of mood […]

Hiii! Raven here! For those of you who don’t me I am, among many other things at MLC, the professional hair and makeup artist that creates the stunning looks you see photographed on our website and social media pages! Everyone wants to see their best self reflected back at them in their portraits. We know […]

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