mom to be in a white tie shirt sitting on the ground with the sun on her Bendayan OBGYN

Bendayan OBGYN for Comprehensive Women’s Healthcare

Are you looking for a great OBGYN in Miami that takes your concerns seriously and has excellent bedside manners? Bendayan OBGYN will absolutely exceed your expectations with its dedicated care team and an extensive list of services!

About Bendayan OBGYN

Located at 3659 S Miami Avenue, Bendayan OBGYN is composed of a wonderful team of six healthcare providers who have worked together for as long as ten years.

Led by Dr. Jose Bendayan, MD, FACOG, dedicated to building a strong relationship with his patients, the nurses and staff are determined to provide patience, dedication, and information to their clients. The office staff is also bilingual and fluent in English, Spanish, Italian, and French.

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Bendayan OBGYN offers a variety of services designed to meet all of its clients’ obstetric and gynecology needs. 

Gynecological services and conditions treated include: 

  • vaginal rejuvenation, 
  • contraceptive guidance, 
  • female incontinence, 
  • well-woman exams, 
  • recurrent UTIs,
  • vaginal bleeding, and in-office procedures such as: 
  • IUD insertions, 
  • colposcopy, 
  • Leep, 
  • D&C, 
  • endometrial ablation, 
  • hysteroscopy, and 
  • 3D/4D ultrasounds. 

mom to be in a white tie shirt sitting on the ground with the sun on her Bendayan OBGYN

With 20 years of experience, Bendayan’s obstetric services and conditions treated include: 

  • family planning and counseling, 
  • postpartum care, 
  • full obstetrical care including high-risk and multiple pregnancies, 
  • 3D and 4D ultrasounds, 
  • postpartum depression,
  • labor and delivery, and 
  • in-hospital circumcisions. 

Bendayan OBGYN recommends well women’s exams be started at 21 years of age or sooner. Hence, they are there for you throughout your sexually active life and can help offer support for or find issues early on. Family planning services can start from pre-conceptual counseling to finding the proper birth control for you or helping find fertility specialists. 

In-office ultrasounds are a specialty here, allowing you to access state-of-the-art technology in the comfort of your normal office with your regular provider. You can also undergo minimally invasive gynecological surgery options with your regular provider! 

Bendayan OBGYN also treats and offers management for menopause. They can help manage typical symptoms such as low energy levels, lack of sleep, hot flashes, and emotional symptoms like anxiety. They will seek effective treatments that are right for you during your menopausal journey. 

Other services and specialties Bendayan OBGYN offers include hormone therapies, pelvic floor therapies, robotic surgery, laparoscopic surgery, labs, and more! 

mom to be in a white tie shirt and grey skirt leaning against a wall Bendayan OBGYN


Bendayan OBGYN also has a membership within the TopLine MD Alliance, a collective group of practices, providers, and specialty centers that help patients navigate the healthcare system. As a part of this group, the office is peer-approved and bases itself on patient satisfaction. 

Bendayan OBGYN offers plenty of resources and ensures informative and supportive care for all of its clients to meet the terms of this alliance! Their resources include English and Spanish welcome packages, a patient portal to access everything you need, and more!

Bendayan OBGYN

Bendayan OBGYN checks all the boxes regarding supportive, caring, and professional OBGYN offices. They have the capacity to connect with a variety of people in the community through a diverse and compassionate staff. If you need care, check this practice out for comprehensive and dedicated women’s healthcare.

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