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Caprilina for the Cutest Custom-Made Baby Clothing Items

Do you want to get away from the typical big box stores when it comes to clothes shopping for your kiddos? You’re in luck because Caprilina is a wonderful clothing shop in Miami dedicated to customer satisfaction! The store prides itself on quality products and top-of-the-line customer service.

About Caprilina

Caprilina is a mom-owned local baby brand located at 2151 S Le Jeune Rd, specializing in handmade personalized outfits. Cynthia Lopez is the founder of Caprilina, named after her daughter, Angelina, and Cynthia’s zodiac sign, Capricorn. She gives credit to her Capricorn sign for her traits that helped her become the entrepreneur and business owner she is today.

With the support of her family and relationships with other moms, Cynthia and her brand Caprilina are proud to be able to bring parents an excellent clothing option.

mom to be in neutral color maternity gown with her daughters loving on her Caprilina


Caprilina makes hand-embroidered baby and women’s clothing in various styles too! 

Onesies and kimonos can be purchased in newborn to 18-month sizes and are all custom-made in styles like: 

  • ruffled overalls, 
  • classic bubbles, 
  • onesie and shirt sibling sets, 
  • polo sets, 
  • collared bubbles, 
  • rompers, 
  • collared footies, 
  • ruffle onesies, 
  • collared onesies, 
  • polo onesies, and 
  • more.

Caprilina also offers newborn to 6T sizes in one-piece outfits, jogger sets, gowns, footies, baptism outfits, and coming-home sets. 

mom and her two daughters sitting on the ground

Some popular styles include: 

  • baptism handkerchiefs, 
  • a Caprilina Baptism essentials set, 
  • zippered footies, 
  • footie and hat set, 
  • white and baby pink gown, 
  • long sleeve jogger sets, 
  • Angelica jogger sets, 
  • William collared one-pieces, 
  • #Capribabe bow fit, and 
  • gingham sets. 

Caprilina’s original items are still some of their best-selling sets; the custom monogrammed coming-home sets. 

Their three-piece sets come with a footie, blanket, and bib or hat, while their five-piece sets come with a hat, footie, bib, blanket, and pacifier clip. Their seven-piece sets come with a hat, pacifier clip, gown, footie, burp cloth, bib, and blanket. They have many other sets and styles, each so beautiful and perfect to bring your new baby home.

Along with their regular line, Caprilina also offers knit clothing sets and blankets, including: 

  • monogrammed bassinet pillows and pique row blankets, 
  • plus accessories like clips, pouch pins, socks, towels, and bows.

As for moms, Caprilina offers pajamas, mom’s jogger sets, everyday wear, tops, pouches, and hospital essentials like embroidered sweatshirts, linen blouses, and monogrammed-everything bags.

Not to mention Caprilina offers registry services, so your family and friends know exactly what to get you and your little one.

mom in white and two daughters in pink tutus hugging her Caprilina


Caprilina is unique because everything is custom-made! You order by selecting your monogram, thread, fabric, and more. There are even seasonal collections put together by Cynthia, ranging from Summer to Christmas and Valentine’s day, so your babes are rocking whatever season and holiday it may be.

On top of all their products, Caprilina inspired a community for moms within the CapriBabe, CapriMom, and CapriLife resources and blogs they offer.


Caprilina is a beautiful, stylish, and wholesome brand to look into, providing the cutest monogrammed, one-of-a-kind outfits. You don’t want to miss out on these great products and knowledgeable staff.

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