Mother to be stands in a studio holding her back and bump in a long flowing skirt birth by grace midwifery

Birth By Grace Midwifery for Customizable Home Birth Experiences

Firstly, is your family growing? Secondly, are you on the hunt for a midwife? And lastly, is your home your safe space? Chances are you’re considering a home birth! If that sounds like you, then you want Birth By Grace Midwifery by your side to help you through this life-changing experience!

About Birth By Grace Midwifery 

Mother to be stands in a studio holding her back and bump in a long flowing skirt birth by grace midwiferyChristine Taylor, a Chicago native, mother, and Certified Nurse Midwife, founded Birth by Grace Midwifery in 2014. The organization dedicates itself to helping women and their families have a beautiful experience they can cherish forever. From a young age, Christine Taylor knew that her calling was to help care for expecting mothers and their precious babies. 

Her carefully selected team shares her dedication and passion for supporting, guiding, and serving the women in Metro Atlanta and surrounding areas. They support women’s journeys to an empowering and memorable home birth. They strive to create a judgment-free, safe, and welcoming space for their clients, allowing them to feel at ease with each meeting. 

Kick your shoes off, get comfortable, and relax because you’re like family with this team. They want you to feel good about your journey and aim to give you and your family the attentive and nurturing care you need. Furthermore, they ensure you receive the knowledge you need to make the best-informed decisions about your pregnancy and labor because this journey is YOURS. 

Mom to be wearing a long fabric stands in a studio birth by grace midwifery


They offer comprehensive home birth services and packages to make your care seamless and customizable at the hands of your State Licensed and Certified Nurse Midwife!

  • Premium Home Package 

With their Premium Home Package, you have the luxury of personalized prenatal visits, an in-home Birth Team visit, a Baby’s Homebirth Class, guidance on your nutrition, a birthing pool rental with liner, amazing home birth, and three postpartum care visits! 

  • Premium Plus Package

Want more support? When you upgrade to Premium Plus, you get everything in the first package, a full-scope doula at your side and a home birth kit.

Beyond phenomenal midwifery, they offer other services that benefit your journey to meeting your little one. Visit their website to learn more about their team and check out these other services:

  • Mama’s Hydration Station- IV Therapy
  • Professional Consulting Services
  • BBG’s Prenatal Companion

Husband kisses his pregnant wife on the forehead while holding her bump birth by grace midwifery


Still trying to figure out whether home birth is for you, but you want the midwife experience? Birth By Grace understands and has a solution! Whether you have a home birth or not, they want you to have access to valuable and supportive services. 

BBG’s Prenatal Companion services aim to provide a supportive community while building expecting mothers up. Hence, they feel empowered, informed, and knowledgeable to participate actively in their healthcare team, even in the hospital!

Birth By Grace Midwifery

From the moment you decide to expand your family to the confirmation that your little one will arrive around a designated date, planning your experience is important. With Birth By Grace Midwifery by your side, planning your journey couldn’t be more straightforward and refreshing!

Now that you found your home birth support, it’s time to find a photographer to help capture your journey! I love creating art from the beauty of mothers-to-be. So check out below for more blogs filled with work from my portfolio and helpful tips. Then let’s chat about your dream photo session!

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