A mother to be sits on the floor of a studio with a bouquet of white flowers emerge birth services

Emerge Birth Services for Dedicated Labor Doula Support

Researching birthing services and doulas can be a long road, especially when you want services and providers that align with your birth goals and needs. Atlanta has quite a few great options; however, you shouldn’t overlook Emerge Birth Services during your search, and here’s why! 

About Emerge Birth Services

Emerge Birth Services is a part of Emerge Birth Professionals, LLC, residing at 1 Baltimore Place NW. Pam Roe and Guina Bixler founded the company in 2013. Both birth professionals dedicated themselves to building a Birthing From Within community in Atlanta. They aimed to teach families how to give birth in awareness and be informed. 

After their initial business idea took off, they founded Emerge to offer families further support through pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and parenthood. Pam and Guina sold the business in 2016 to Advanced Birthing From Within Mentor and Labor Doula Megan Brown, who is still the owner and director to this day! 

Emerge Birth Services believes birth is a profound right of passage, of which each birthing woman and her partner deserve to be respected and supported. Additionally, they believe that choosing a birth doula you connect with, and trust is a right. Having a comprehensive list of coping tools is essential, and they teach over 40 coping tools to families so they can find one that works for them. This dedicated company truly has your best interests in mind! 

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Offering a variety of services, Emerge Birth Services will not disappoint! They offer labor doula services, postpartum services, placenta encapsulation services, and a list of resources for families. Their labor doula services offer additional support during labor and birth, assisting in preparing for and carrying out birth plans and helping clients make informed decisions. 

You can hire labor doulas for any kind of birth, from hospital births to home births! Their postpartum doula services consist of the doula focusing on tending to the mother. At the same time, their roles may change throughout the day based on what the family may need. You can also utilize them during pregnancy for bed rest instances.

A mother to be sits on the floor of a studio with a bouquet of white flowers emerge birth services


Emerge Birth Services is proud to offer private, in-person childbirth classes managed by birth professionals and doulas. These classes really help you focus on Birthing From Within and receiving education on birth, the woman’s body physiology, and how to prepare. The classes also teach pain coping practices you can utilize daily to help them work best. This dedicated company prioritizes keeping parents informed and educated on all the decisions they have to make. 

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Emerge Birth Services

Emerge Birth Services is a fantastic group for all your birth support needs. They genuinely care for each client, providing compassionate support during this momentous life event. Take control of your birthing experience with the guidance of this knowledgeable and caring team, here for you every step of the way.

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