A mother to be lays on the floor of a studio in a black maternity one piece with long sleeves and long dark hair childbirth class atlanta

Childbirth Class Atlanta With Comprehensive Skills & Information

Are you expecting and in search of a childbirth class in Atlanta to help you get a bit more prepared? These facilities offer excellent classes for this transformative time to learn essential skills and information. Read more to see which class might be best for you and your family!

Childbirth Class In Atlanta At 3 Knowledgeable & Welcoming Practices

A mother to be stands in a studio wearing a long, flowing sheer maternity gown while holding her bump childbirth class atlanta

Atlanta Women’s Obstetrics & Gynecology

If you want to utilize a woman-owned and operated practice, you can find Atlanta Women’s Obstetrics & Gynecology at 275 Collier Road NW. Atlanta Women’s Obstetrics & Gynecology has been serving women since 1980. They provide quality care in a warm environment with providers that can relate to their patients. 

This practice’s three-hour childbirth class includes a tour of the Maternity Center at Piedmont Hospital Atlanta. Instructed by DeAnne Smith, RNC-OB, CCE, and Heather Noble, RNC-OB, CCE, the Prepared Childbirth Class covers topics such as:

  • stages and phases of labor,
  • pain management,
  • basic breathing and relaxation,
  • medications and epidurals,
  • possible complications and how to handle them,
  • cesarean sections, and
  • postpartum care.

The practice also offers a Baby Basics Class and Breastfeeding Class if you need more support or education!

A mother to be holds her bump in a white maternity gown in a studio

Confident Childbirth of Atlanta

A division of Kopa Birth, Confident Childbirth of Atlanta offers comprehensive natural childbirth classes to help you take control of your birth by teaching you the necessary skills to achieve your goals. Located throughout Atlanta and Athens, Confident Childbirth of Atlanta offers several childbirth classes, including their:

  • four-week complete birth preparation course,
  • Saturday intensive birth preparation class,
  • private childbirth classes, and
  • online childbirth classes. 

The four-week complete birth preparation course is ideal for first-time moms and any expectant mother and coach new to natural childbirth. This class has a maximum of seven couples. It goes over the extensive practice of breathing and relaxation techniques as well as a mock-labor scenario. 

The Saturday Intensive Birth Preparation Class is meant for those who may not have the time to attend the longer course or for women and coaches who have already experienced birth and just want a quick review. The curriculum is similar to the four-week program without the mock-labor scenario. 

Private in-home classes are available with three different packages and online childbirth classes that offer over 12 hours of video-based learning and practice to help you prepare for a natural birth.

A mother to be lays on the floor of a studio in a black maternity one piece with long sleeves and long dark hair childbirth class atlanta

Northside/Northpoint OBGYN

Northside/Northpoint OBGYN is a fun, comfortable environment at 3905 Brookside Pkwy. It offers its Understanding Childbirth class led by its experienced nurse practitioner. Their Understanding Childbirth class is limited to 10 couples and goes over:

  • the weeks leading up to delivery,
  • signs of labor,
  • what happens at the hospital,
  • pain management,
  • delivery methods, and
  • what to expect postpartum. 

This class does not cover childbirth methods and medication-free pain management. However, it is still great for those who don’t mind doing some research to achieve the birth they want or those who want a medicated birth.

Childbirth Class Atlanta

No matter your preferences, these are just a few excellent practices offering essential childbirth classes in Atlanta that you will benefit from! 

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