mom to be wearing long maternity gown holds her stomach and back in a studio gifted hands midwifery

Gifted Hands Midwifery for Professional Guidance Through Birth

Midwifery services are an alternative to traditional medical practices and hospitals. Using a midwife during pregnancy allows women to access patient-centered, holistic care in a safe, low-intervention way. Gifted Hands Midwifery in Georgia seeks to provide education on health and wellness through open communication, professional guidance, and counseling services. They empower women and allow them to control decisions about their prenatal healthcare needs. 

mom to be wearing long maternity gown holds her stomach and back in a studio gifted hands midwifery

About Gifted Hands Midwifery

3095 Harrison Road

Unit 500

Loganville, GA 30052

Gifted Hands Midwifery is a private-duty midwifery service based in Georgia. It serves families within a 90-minute radius of Loganville, Georgia. Owned and operated by Certified Nurse Midwife Kwajalein Cleveland, Gifted Hands Midwifery provides patients with holistic, compassionate, and evidence-based prenatal care. Their home birth assistance is a safe and affordable alternative to hospital births. Furthermore, these midwifery services are available for women with low-risk pregnancies. 

A holistic approach to childbirth and pregnancy includes breastfeeding and childbirth education, guidance on prenatal nutrition, exercise classes, and well-woman care and gynecology services. They aim to build positive family relationships and provide education on health. 

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Many complete, holistic services are available for women, including home birth assistance, water birth assistance, well-woman care, and gynecology services. Another benefit is that Gifted Hands Midwifery supports women in their health journey every step of the way. 

Care includes annual physical exams, pelvic exams, pap smears, preconception counseling, preventative screenings, and referrals to other healthcare professionals if needed. 

Prenatal care includes direct access to certified nurse midwives, standard prenatal labs and bloodwork, optional genetic testing, optional gender prediction testing, home birth kits, online education resources, water birth tub rentals, childbirth and breastfeeding classes, home birth assistance, three postpartum care visits, newborn care, and screenings, a postpartum care herbal kit, lactation support, and a postpartum pap smear if necessary. Midwives can assist women if a hospital transfer is necessary during labor and delivery. 

mom to be wearing long flowing maternity gown stands in a studio holding her train gifted hands midwifery


Gifted Hands Midwifery offers online resources for women, including breastfeeding, newborn screenings, vaccine-friendly pediatricians, chiropractors, evidence-based births, and the American College of Nurse-Midwives. Patients can research these topics online and discuss them with their midwives during their appointments. 

Gifted Hands Midwifery

Midwifery care is an alternative to traditional medical practices and hospital births. Midwives can offer care for women for everything from annual exams to prenatal and postnatal care. Gifted Hands Midwifery in Georgia offers women a variety of complete, patient-focused services so that quality midwifery care is available to all.

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