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Dawning Life Midwifery for Woman-Focused and Nurturing Care

Midwifery care is an alternative to traditional medical care and hospital births. Midwives offer women patient-focused, customized care that is nurturing and evidence-based, with little to no intervention. Midwifery care includes annual checkups, gynecological fertility counseling, and prenatal care. Midwives at Dawning Life Midwifery in Georgia offer professional, woman-focused care in a nurturing environment. 

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About Dawning Life Midwifery

5283 Bells Ferry Road 

Acworth, GA 30102

Run by senior midwife Debbie Schneider, Dawning Life Midwifery is a midwifery practice devoted to the greater good of birthing women. Schneider has been practicing midwifery for over 25 years. She has become one of Georgia’s most highly skilled, experienced certified professional midwives. She has attended over 900 births as a primary midwife and works closely with her team members to deliver quality care. 

The team at Dawning Life Midwifery comprises like-minded, like-hearted current and aspiring midwives who provide a wide range of holistic midwifery services to birthing women. Through their combined years of practice, these midwives have cultivated strong relationships with their patients, offering patient-focused, woman-centered, safe, and nurturing care. Midwives believe that pregnancy, birth, and postpartum healing processes are irreplaceable parts of a woman’s life that deserve the best possible care and attention. 

mom to be lays on studio floor Dawning life midwifery


Dawning Life provides services designed with age-old midwifery wisdom combined with modern technology. A trusting relationship between client and midwife is at the center of all services at this practice. Midwives focus on scientific evidence, informed choice, and the belief that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to pregnancy and childbirth. 

Services include the following: preconception counseling, full-spectrum midwifery care, well-woman care, and lactation support. Preconception counseling can be virtual or in the office and includes holistic custom support and wellness plans. Midwifery care includes comprehensive prenatal care, water births, labor and birth support, and postpartum care. The practice is kid-friendly and welcoming; the entire family is welcome at all appointments. 

Well-woman care includes virtual or in-office appointments, addressing issues such as menses, hormonal balance, nutrition, pelvic exams, pap smears, and lab work. Furthermore, Lactation support occurs through virtual or in-office appointments. These appointments assess and evaluate lactation plans for breastfeeding and pumping/bottle-feeding mothers. 

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Dawning Life Midwifery also offers Maya Abdominal Therapy. These appointments include a comprehensive review of personal health history and health goals, abdominal massage, neuromuscular massage, and corrections to sacral and pelvic structures. Instruction in self-care techniques and suggestions for herbal remedies, castor oil packs, and pelvic steams. 

Dawning Life also offers placenta preservation. The practice provides education on the ancient rituals and traditions involving the placenta and helps patients understand options for preservation. Options include the following: raw smoothie cubes, raw encapsulation, TCM encapsulation, tincture, salve, print, cord keepsake, burial rituals, and jewelry. 

Dawning Life Midwifery

Dawning Life Midwifery in Georgia offers women an alternative to traditional care. Midwives offer patient-focused, evidence-based care from preconception through postpartum, offering support and care at every step of the journey. Altogether, Midwives at Dawning Life Midwifery offer high-quality medical care based on modern medical advancements and traditional medicine and rituals in a family-friendly, woman-focused environment.

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