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Miami Beach Pediatricians to Trust With Your Newborn’s Health!

Your children’s health has been your priority since the first moment you held them in your arms. Making sure they are in the care of the best doctors is understandably important, as well as finding a practice that reflects your values and needs. Lucky for you, we have plenty of pediatric providers to choose from if you live in the Miami area. You will surely find Miami Beach Pediatricians you can trust to care for your babies. Check out a few of them below!

Three Miami Beach Pediatricians You Can Trust

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Night and Day Pediatrics

Night and Day Pediatrics gives clients a choice between in-office and in-home care. The founding pediatrician Dr. Wladimir P. Lorentz dedicated himself to caring for patients and their families where they are most comfortable. Including in the comfort of their own homes. For the convenience and safety of his Miami Beach patients, full pediatrician’s service is available as a house call, harkening back to a time when in-home medical care was common. 

For the ease of mind of patients who prefer office visits, they limit the number of appointments throughout the day. In addition, each family goes directly into a clean, disinfected exam room. In situations where a child doesn’t need to be seen in person, Night and Day also offers telemedicine through a secure and private connection. They also work around the clock (hence their name) to ensure that their patients have access to medical care whenever needed. Their families can rest more easily, knowing physicians are on call to help all day.

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Miami Pediatrics

Miami Pediatrics treats each family they serve as part of their pediatric family. They invest in attending to your children as they grow from birth until adulthood. Established over thirty years ago, their pediatricians strive to stay up to date on new research and apply their training and education to each Miami Beach patient with individualized care. 

Their Platinum Care program is their premiere concierge service that provides members with many premium services in addition to their already stellar medical care. Some benefits of Platinum membership include longer appointments with more one-on-one time with a provider, after-hour house calls (available for an additional fee), 24-hour accessibility (including holidays and weekends), and your newborn’s first visit in the comfort of your home. 

mom to be holding on to her little girl Miami Beach Pediatricians

Pediatric Associates Miami

Pediatric Associates is the largest privately owned primary care pediatric practice in Florida. They have grown to work with over 200 providers and 34 practices between Jacksonville and Miami. Above all, they are dedicated to enhancing the lives of all children, their families, and communities. They do this by delivering the highest quality of pediatric healthcare and service in a compassionate and healthy environment. As a member of the Pediatrics Associates family, you have access to their sick care services 365 days a year. Including evenings, weekends, and holidays. Their pediatricians and nurse practitioners always come highly educated and passionate about caring for your Miami Beach children. Their offices are family-friendly and decorated to be inviting and engaging for little patients. 

Miami Beach Pediatricians

Whether you have a sick child who needs after-hours support or just someone to help keep tabs on their general health and well-being, any of the Miami Beach pediatricians above are great options to care for your kids. Check out their websites for more information and to set up an appointment. 

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