mom to be draped in cloth cradling her bump Maternity Stores in Atlanta

Hollywood Birth Center in Florida for a Powerful Birth Journey

Women have been giving birth for millennia, and it is one of the greatest miracles on earth. Our bodies have been created to grow and sustain new life. The power of the female force is biologically unmatched. Birth is meant to be empowering and reaffirming. The best way to ensure your delivery experience is precisely that. It’s essential to find the right team to help you. In Hollywood, Florida, the Hollywood Birth Center is dedicated to providing personalized, supportive care to expectant mothers, allowing them to trust their bodies to give birth. 

mom to be draped in cloth cradling her bump Maternity Stores in Atlanta

About Hollywood Birth Center

Hollywood Birth Center is centrally located on Hollywood Boulevard in, you guessed it, Hollywood, Florida. At their birth center, they honor every mother and nurture every baby. They believe “every person should have the choice of where, how, and with whom to birth their baby, within a safe environment.” The root of their care revolves around the fact that pregnancy and birth are both natural and normal life processes. But not medical conditions needing treatment as such. 

Established in 1993, their birth center has several luxurious birthing suites. Complete with full-size beds and roomy soak-in tubs for laboring and/or birthing, using pure filtered water to ensure your delivery is as pure as possible. Should you decide to have your baby at the birth center, they also provide access to aromatherapy, massage tools, birth balls of various sizes, and birthing chairs and stools. They also offer home birth services in addition to birth center births. 

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Hollywood Birth Center’s care spans your entire perinatal journey. Their prenatal care promises to give you one-on-one access to a caregiver. They help you plan your ideal birth plan and address any concerns and questions you may have. Additionally, they offer encouragement and practical suggestions for nutrition, preparation for your baby, and general health leading up to your baby’s arrival. They ensure that each client receives individualized education, as well as provide recommendations for specialists and treatments that may fall outside of their scope of practice. 

When it comes to the actual birth, both mother and baby receive close monitoring by their board-certified midwives and birth assistants throughout labor, delivery, and postpartum care. Laboring mothers also receive encouragement for natural pain relief, like heating pads, warm baths and showers, varying labor positions, relaxation, breathing techniques, and more. They will also provide a complete newborn exam upon your baby’s arrival. Once you arrive home, you will also receive multiple postpartum visits at the birth center or in the comfort of your home. Lactation specialists are also available for one-on-one coaching. 

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Your experience with Hollywood Birth Center goes beyond your individualized birth plan. They also offer a variety of classes, like birth preparation, newborn care class, and breastfeeding class. Group classes allow you to help create a community of other parents in a similar phase of life who can provide support and camaraderie in a time of vulnerability. 

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Hollywood Birth Center

Hollywood Birth Center believes in the power of women and the normalcy of giving birth. Check out their website or schedule a tour to see if they fit your birth journey! 

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