A mother-to-be sits on the floor of a studio cross legged while looking down and holding her bump

Moonlight Midwifery Providing Holistic, Tailored Pregnancy Care

Congratulations, new mama! If you’re anticipating the arrival of a new member to your family, it’s natural to want the very best for them. One significant decision is determining how you’d like to deliver your baby. This is a highly personal choice that requires careful consideration. Many mothers have opted for midwife services to assist with the process. If you are interested in having a midwife, check out Moonlight Midwifery to see all they have to offer! A mother to be stands against a white wall wearing a black top and underwear with her belly exposed and hands above her head moonlight midwifery

About Moonlight Midwifery

Moonlight Midwifery is a holistic midwifery that specializes in homebirth. They are one of the best Atlanta Midwives regarding home birth. When you choose this Atlanta midwife, you can work with Crystal, who will be with you every step of the way! 

She will one-hundred percent support you with birthing in your element, however you want it to be. Furthermore, she will make sure every step of the way is not only comfortable but also safe. She will provide compassionate and comprehensive care for you and your family throughout your pregnancy and delivery. 

A mother-to-be sits on the floor of a studio cross legged while looking down and holding her bumpServices

When you choose Moonlight Midwifery, you will receive monthly prenatal care and then every two weeks beginning at 28 weeks, then weekly after week 36. When you have your appointments, you will receive labs and an ultrasound at 20 weeks. Crystal or one of the midwife assistants will be with you from when your labor starts and a little after your birth to ensure that you and the baby are healthy and comfortable. The next day your midwife will return to do a complete newborn exam visit and do all the necessary paperwork.

You will receive continuous care for the first six weeks. Moonlight Midwifery will provide support and resources for whatever you and your family need. This Atlanta midwife supports you and your needs when deciding to have a home birth, as it can be a very scary decision. The midwives ensure that you will be cared for and supported, and they also support water births!

If you are interested in the best homebirth care in Atlanta, you can give Crystal a call at 404-236-9722. Just be sure to read over the website and materials provided to ensure that homebirth with a midwife is the best fit for you and your family. You can reach out to Crystal to see if you are a good candidate and if you meet the requirements of home birth as well ask other questions that you may have about having a midwife. The best part is that the first consultation is completely free, so what do you have to lose? 

Mom to be stands in a studio in a black long sleeve top that exposes her entire belly moonlight midwifery

Moonlight Midwifery

Whether you need support during your pregnancy, guidance for laboring and birth, or care during the postpartum transition, Moonlight Midwifery has many options to meet your specific needs for you and your family. Be sure to check them out today!

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