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Excellent Birthing Care With the Team at Northside Maternity!

Let’s be honest: where you have your baby matters. As an expectant mother, you want to be sure that you trust the facility where you deliver your baby and feel supported throughout this momentous occasion. At Northside Maternity, childbirth is a personal experience. Women feel empowered to plan their ideal birth and surround themselves with trusted providers. Northside Maternity will ensure the entire process goes as smoothly, safely, and comfortably as possible. In Atlanta, Northside Hospital’s maternity center is ready to care for you and your baby regardless of the circumstances and to be by your side the entire way.  

About Northside Maternity

Northside Hospital has delivered more babies than any other community hospital in the country! Their expert staff and state-of-the-art maternity facilities ensure that every woman who enters their maternity center is cared for and ready for what lies ahead. 

Private labor and delivery rooms offer plenty of amenities for your stay. They ensure that laboring moms and their support persons have what they need to stay comfortable. 

Women’s Center in-person tours are currently unavailable. Still, there are plenty of video tours on Northside Hospital’s website to help you get a good feel for their facilities and their services. 

pregnant woman sitting on the ground cradling her bump Northside Maternity


Northside Hospital provides abundant resources and education to expecting moms and families. Their maternity classes include infant CPR, childbirth preparation, baby essentials, and breastfeeding. In these classes, you not only receive empowerment through education, but you’ll also share with other couples who may be going through similar experiences. You will also better understand what to expect, so you can have more confidence in knowing what is happening and making decisions with your healthcare provider. 

One of the benefits of choosing Northside Hospital’s Women’s Center is the amount of qualified and highly trained support that is available should you need it. They have more board-certified obstetricians and perinatologists than any other hospital in the southeast. You can feel confident that you and your baby are in safe hands at Northside Maternity. The Center for Perinatal Medicine handles complicated pregnancies and diagnoses. The High-Risk Perinatal Unit has caregivers who specialize in high-risk and multiple pregnancies. The Maternal Heart Health Clinic has a team of cardiologists and obstetricians who treat preeclampsia as needed.

The Special Care Nursery provides acute care to newborns who may have arrived prematurely or needs out-of-the-ordinary attention.

Northside Hospital prepares itself for deliveries that go smoothly or when complications arise. Their highly qualified team trains and prepares to provide you and your baby with the best care. 

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Northside Hospital also has a baby bump app. The app gives you convenient access to tools and information you need at every phase of pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum life. Their educational support covers pregnancy, labor, birth, breastfeeding, and infant care. At the same time, the app’s tools include a contraction timer, kick counter, feeding log, diaper log, journal, and more! There are plenty of milestone tracking tools, suggested hospital packing lists, and schedules of Northside’s extensive maternity classes. 

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Northside Maternity

Giving birth to your baby at Northside Maternity Hospital ensures that you and your baby receive excellent care. If you are looking for a delivery facility prepared for anything and everything, check out Northside’s website for those virtual tours and plenty more information on their labor and delivery experience. Rest assured. There’s a reason they have been one of Atlanta’s top maternity hospitals for over a generation. 

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