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Holistic Women and Baby-Centered Care at Atlanta Birth Center

Pregnancy and childbirth are incredibly personal journeys, and one that is different for each woman who experiences it. That is why you should consider Atlanta Birth Center! As a pregnant (or soon-to-be pregnant) mama, you will have a say in how you wish your delivery to go. Suppose you believe that a hospital birth may not be the right fit for you. In that case, many trained midwives are ready to assist you in bringing your beautiful baby into the world. If you live in the Atlanta area and are considering a more holistic and woman-centered birth experience, look at Atlanta Birth Center. Their team helps you give birth the way you want to since, as the mama-to-be, you are the most critical part of this life-changing experience. With Atlanta Birth Center, your desires and instincts are the priority.  

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Atlanta Birth Center is a non-profit organization that runs Atlanta’s only freestanding, nationally accredited birth center. They provide an ideal birth experience for their clients and families. A highlight of their care is the home-like environment to welcome the newest family member. Their large team of certified midwives and nurses practices a midwifery model of care that “honors the body’s time-tested, innate ability to do what it does best while providing advanced-level clinical care only when it makes sense.” They believe that pregnancy and birth are everyday life events and should be woman-centered.

Their birth center provides a warm, caring, and home-like environment where you feel supported and respected throughout your pregnancy and delivery. 

mom to be sitting on the floor in a tan tulle gown Hollywood Birth Center


Family-centered, holistic care for both mother and baby are offered at the Atlanta Birth Center. In addition to birthing services, they also provide well-woman care, prenatal care, and postpartum care. They balance human touch with technology to enhance their commitment to ensuring a safe environment and comfort throughout your birth. 

Prenatal care for you throughout pregnancy includes the following: one-on-one check-ins with your midwife, group prenatal care, and routine blood-work and ultrasounds as needed. Their labor, birth, and postpartum care are all attended by a Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM) and a Registered Nurse (RN) to present and support care. 

Their comfortable birth center allows women to take more control of their birth. They give freedom with birth positions and the use of their hydrotherapy showers and baths. As an added bonus, they encourage supportive family and friend involvement!

mom to be in a tan tulle gown holding her back and bump Hollywood Birth Center


Atlanta Birth Center offers a network of support groups for the Atlanta mothering community. Any participant is welcome! Their peer support group for mothers provides postpartum support for new moms. To help you on your journey, Pregnant and Present is a free, online, drop-in support group focusing on mindfulness and well-being during pregnancy. Mocha Motherwise is a postpartum support group for black women led by black professionals specializing in perinatal mental health. Mocha Motherhood groups cover various topics on motherhood, including mothering black in America. They also cover the following topics: self-care, relationships, bonding with your new baby, raising black kids, managing stress, and more!

Atlanta Birth Center

Atlanta Birth Center will empower mothers to experience birth as a natural, empowering experience, just as women have been for centuries. They support mothers by offering family-centered, holistic care for both mother and baby! Check out their website for more information on becoming one of their clients. 

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