A mom-to-be stands in a studio wearing a sheer maternity gown that is flowing behind her prenatal yoga plus

Prenatal Plus Yoga for Beneficial Pregnancy Classes & Resources

Prenatal yoga has risen in popularity as people learn about its amazing benefits, especially for the pregnant body, as it grows! Prenatal Plus Yoga is a great local prenatal yoga studio here in Miami. The studio commits to providing stellar resources for pregnant women and creating a community of strength for all.

About Prenatal Plus Yoga

Known as Miami’s specialty center from pregnancy through postpartum, Prenatal Plus Yoga studio resides at 401 Miracle Mile right here in the Miami area! As a Yoga Alliance registered studio and school, this business has served the area since 2001, directed by master specialty teacher and trainer of prenatal and postnatal yoga Debra Geymayr. The studio aims to give every mom and family the happy, healthy, and joyful birth experience they deserve while offering education, relaxation, and empowerment. 

A pregnant woman stands in a studio in a sheer white maternity gown


Prenatal Plus Yoga functions with a deep belief in naturally allowing women’s bodies to do what they’ve always done: give birth! By offering yoga classes and teachings, the studio believes they help you get there through conditioning and education. Yoga classes offered here include:

  • Specialty prenatal yoga classes,
  • Postnatal with baby yoga and fitness, and
  • Yoga for pregnancy. 

They also offer prenatal yoga teacher certification training and a variety of workshops and classes, both online and in person! Some of their other programs and streamed classes include: 

  • Baby Belly Tunes- support wrap and music for mom and baby, 
  • Breastfeeding consults, 
  • CPR- neonatal and infant safety CPR class, 
  • Childbirth education workshops, 
  • Hypnobirthing childbirth courses, 
  • Parenting classes, including newborn baby care and breastfeeding successfully, 
  • Happiest Baby on the Block streaming, and 
  • A DVD for Yoga for Pregnancy! 

Prenatal Plus Yoga is a great resource to ensure you’re educated about birth, babies, and everything in between while helping you stay active and ready for the birth of your baby! Not to mention the fact that they also offer children’s yoga, Iyengar style yoga, and Kundalini yoga!

A mom-to-be stands in a studio wearing a sheer maternity gown that is flowing behind her prenatal yoga plus


Prenatal Plus Yoga’s name is entirely accurate, with the studio specializing in yoga classes and offering doula and birth services! From conception to postpartum, you can choose to hire Debra as a doula and enjoy her complete support for you, your health, and your baby’s health.

They also offer labor doula care, postpartum doula care, placenta encapsulations, and tincture services. Imagine you walk in for your prenatal yoga session and end up leaving with a chosen doula, knowing you and your baby are in the best, most supportive hands! The doula services are perfect for that mom who wants to go a more natural child-birthing route or for someone who needs all the support she can get.

Mother to be stands in a studio holding her bump with fabric flowing through the air around her prenatal yoga plus

Prenatal Plus Yoga

Whether you need more support during pregnancy, birth, or postpartum, Prenatal Plus Yoga has your back through your entire emotional and physical journey!

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