Mother to be stands in a studio with her partner both in jeans athens midwives

Three Athens Midwives Supporting Your Natural Journey

When you hear the news that you’re expecting a little one, finding the proper care for your beautiful new journey is essential! The proper care can make your prenatal and childbirth experience from okay to phenomenal, and you deserve a phenomenal journey! While there is no shortage of care choices, these Athens Midwives are highly recommended, mom-approved, safe, and healthy options for your pregnancy!

Three Athens Midwives to Care for Your Labor and Birth

Pregnant woman wears ripped jeans in a studio being hugged from behind by man in jeans athens midwives

Piedmont Athens Regional

Still trying to figure out what you want for your journey? Medicated or unmedicated, epidural or no epidural? Or perhaps you’re wondering if you might change your mind the day of or just want guidance on information to find what’s best for you and your baby. The certified nurse midwives at Piedmont Athens regional are dedicated to providing supportive, compassionate, comprehensive mother-centered care that allows moms to be involved and in control of their personal journey. Their practice offers a full range of midwife and women’s health services and has earned national and international recognition for their unique approach. Their approach provides excellent health results for mom and baby and a low Cesarean-section rate.

Mother to be stands in a studio with her partner both in jeans athens midwives

Gifted Hands Midwifery

The mom-approved midwives at Gifted Hands Midwifery believe in providing evidence-based, holistic, and compassionate care to bring babies into the world. They help make moms into strong, powered, and capable mothers. If you dream of a home or water birth to welcome your little one into the world, their team works together to make it a reality. Whether you need breastfeeding and childbirth education, guidance on prenatal nutrition, well-women care, gynecology services, or even prenatal exercise classes, they are dedicated to helping low-risk women. Their families have a well-informed, healthy, and supported prenatal journey and delivery experience. 

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Women’s Health Associates

The certified midwives at Women’s Health Associates are watchful and helpful guardians during pregnancy, labor, and delivery. They provide comprehensive and compassionate care and every bit of information mom-to-be and their families want and need. Additionally, they take the time to listen to your concerns and provide valuable resources addressing them. So you feel confident in your choices every step of the way. Above all, you can expect skilled midwives to be attentive and focus on a healthy baby and mother. From start to finish. Meanwhile, they pay close attention to detect any problems that could arise. Their midwives are knowledgeable and equipped to handle most complications during pregnancy and childbirth and can apply interventions when necessary.

Athens Midwives

Regarding your pregnancy, it’s a natural journey. It would help if you had a say in how it unfolds. Many moms are taking control of their pregnancy, looking beyond the standard OBGYN care, and turning to Athens Midwives for their prenatal and delivery experience. 

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