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What do I wear for my photos? How the heck do I pose?? When should I even schedule my maternity session??? These are just a few of the most commonly asked questions that we get from pregnant women when they are preparing for their maternity photoshoot! And we get it. We do. These are some of the most important photos you will ever take! Lucky for you, we know exactly how you should prepare for your Atlanta maternity photos and we’re here to answer ALLLL of your questions!

So, sit back, relax, grab a glass of… errr sparkling juice (lol), and get ready to have some of your most frequently asked questions on how to prepare for your maternity session ANSWERED!! *insert sigh of relief* Let’s get started, shall we!

How many weeks is ideal for a maternity session?

The timing is different for everyone! But, maternity sessions are typically done between 29 and 36 weeks. We recommend that you don’t wait too late because you will never know when the baby will actually come!

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How soon should I schedule my maternity session?

It’s never too early to schedule your maternity session! Sometimes we can accommodate last minute requests, but we recommend around a 6-8 week notice. We like to plan every detail!

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What should I wear for my maternity session?

The beauty of being an MLC client is that we are a full service studio so you don’t have to worry too much about this! Right after you book your maternity session with us, we will send you the Complete Preparation Guide so that you can have a good idea of what you may bring and what may look best on you and your body type!

We provide an entire wardrobe selection of beautiful sheer Italian silks and other fabrics for draping as well as stunning maternity gowns, maternity bodysuits, and lace robes. We have options from some of the top brands and designers like Katharina Hakaj Couture, Chic Bumb Club, and MORE! All that we ever suggest you bring with you is a nude and/or black bra and thong set. That’s it! We’ll help you style the rest! 🙂

Can my partner or child be in my maternity pictures?

Absolutely!! We highly encourage you to include your spouse and/or other children in your maternity photos! And don’t worry. We help you plan the day around them so they don’t have to sit around at the studio while we’re focusing on getting your gorgeous photos!

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Should I be concerned about extra weight and stretch marks??

Not at all! We want you to feel beautiful and relaxed during your maternity photoshoot experience as well as to treasure your final images. At Melissa Lynne Couture, complete professional retouching is included in your session! So you don’t have to worry about any imperfections such as blemishes, stretch marks and certain body contours. We specialize in the most comprehensive and detailed editing and will enhance and transform the image into a stunning work of art.

This is my first professional photography experience. Will you help guide me and help me pose?

You can rest assured that you are in good hands! We want to make sure that you will have the best selection of artistic images. We utilize our impeccable lighting skills and our artistic eye to photograph your beautiful body curves. Even if it’s your first professional photography experience, our goal is to make sure you feel comfortable, relaxed, beautiful and empowered, pampered and confident. 

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During your personalized maternity session with MLC, we will guide you through elegant poses and focus on angles that bring out your most beautiful self. Since we are shooting from a female perspective we know how to make you look your best and most flattering!

I want to take similar photos/poses that I saw in your portfolio. Can we do that?

Yes ma’am! This is wear all of that planning comes in handy! You can pick your favorite lighting/backdrop set ups and poses from our portfolio and you are welcome to bring your own ideas as well. However, please note some photos may be on location. If there is a certain photo/location you love just let us know!

Planning and preparing for your atlanta maternity session can be oh so stressful! But it doesn’t have to be!! It should be fun, easy, and best of all lead to a full day of relaxation and pampering! Hopefully these frequently asked questions helped ease your mind going into your own maternity session. But, we want to help you out even more! Check out this blog post on 10 Tips for a Gorgeous Maternity Session for even more tips to help you prepare!! 

Want to book you very own MLC photoshoot experience and become a #MLCbombshell?? We would absolutely LOVE to have you. All you have to do is fill out the contact form HERE and we’ll be in touch! 🙂 

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