A mother to be lays naked across the floor of a studio miami water birth

Options for a Miami Water Birth for a Relaxing and Calm Birth

Are you a Miami mama-to-be planning an out-of-hospital birth? Congratulations! Bringing a baby into the world is a beautiful and personal moment to cherish. But that can be hard to focus on during contraction. If you’re worried about how to deal with that natural aspect of meeting your baby, it’s time to look into a Miami water birth! A water birth can bring relaxation, alleviate pressure and pain and bring a sense of calm to your birth! But who does a water birth? No need to start a stressful hunt; put your feet up and relax because I have 3 amazing options for your beautiful journey!

Three Top Options For A Miami Water Birth Support Team

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Magnolia Birth House

If you’re looking for an empowering, natural, safe, and comfortable breathing experience, Magnolia Birth House offers a variety of services to support you and your family through your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum journey. They offer accommodating private birthing suites that are complete with a birthing tub. Additionally, each is spacious enough for you and your support person and allows you to labor without restrictions. So you can find the right comfortable position for your delivery. Their highly skilled and experienced midwives will help you develop a personalized breathing plan and also monitor you and your baby throughout your journey to make sure you are both healthy and ready for birth!

A mother to be lays naked across the floor of a studio miami water birth

Miami Maternity Center

At Miami Maternity Center, their staff is dedicated to empowering women through birth with the power of knowledge, support, and the utmost care and respect. The caring, nurturing, and supporting team strives to provide quality prenatal care, a calm and relaxed home-like setting for birth, and postpartum care. All to ensure you’re starting your new chapter off healthy. Take their time to focus on you and your baby’s needs while making sure you are knowledgeable of your options and have the right support so you feel confident in your baby’s upcoming arrival. They are well versed in waterbirth and love having the opportunity to pass their knowledge, facts, and overall wisdom down to each mother as they prepare to meet their precious baby!

A pregnant woman stands naked in a studio with a hand on her hip and one across her chest miami water birth

Spirit of Life

Sheila Simms Watson is a midwife on a mission to educate, empower and support pregnant women and their journey. She wants all women to completely understand the power and benefits water has for their upcoming births. For her, pregnancy and birth are a natural process for your body, mind, and heart all come together for a transformative, empowering, and unique moment. Her goal is to set a calming tone while providing safe and supportive healthcare that meets your growing family’s needs. One of her approaches is the soothing benefits of water labor and birth. She understands every aspect and benefit that water has to offer your breathing plan to make your experience one of relaxation, support, and love

Miami Water Birth

They say water helps with everything, so why not birth? Plan your Miami water birth and a touch of calmness to your baby’s arrival. 

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