A mother to be in a large white hat stands in a studio in a one-piece suit looking down at her bump sugarboo atlanta

Sugarboo & Co Atlanta for Beautiful, Wholesome Children’s Goods

Are you expecting a newborn in your life? Whether you’re a mama already, a mom-to-be, an auntie (even an honorary one), a grandma, or just an excited friend, finding something that both mom and baby will love can be as simple as a stop at Sugarboo & Co in Atlanta. Finding something special, not your average big box store item, that’s perfect for the beautiful baby in your life can be challenging, but this store won’t disappoint!

A pregnant woman stands in a studio with both hands on her bump in a black long-sleeved one-piece suit

About Sugarboo & Co

Rebecca Puig is the passionate, kind, and creative artist behind Sugarboo & Co, and she loves it! Ever since she was a child, Rebecca Puig has loved to create new things and paint. That passion and love for art and desire to create never faded. In fact, she attended the University of Georgia and graduated with a Studio Arts Degree that she couldn’t wait to use. 

In 2005, Rebecca Puig wanted to wholesale her art, so she and her husband, Rick, opened a family company, SugarBoo & Co, lovingly named after two nicknames she calls their children, Jack and Sophie. Over time Rebecca’s dreams grew; she wanted to put all her artwork and designs in one place alongside her favorite vendors and artisans and decided to go for it and open their first retail store in 2013. 

For Rebecca, this brick-and-mortar store was a labor of love and fulfillment to her creativity, and it paid off because they could open up more locations like Florida, Kentucky, and Texas. With a group of diverse people as their team, they strive to bring a mixture of vintage finds, new pieces, natural touches, and overall good things into the world.

A mother to be in a large white hat stands in a studio in a one-piece suit looking down at her bump sugarboo atlanta


You can find whimsical, natural touches from mother nature and positive messages within every product Sugarboo & Co sells. They sell various items to brighten your life and bring it a touch of simple joy, including things for your baby! 

When it comes to finding the perfect lovable keepsake or the perfect gift, you can’t go wrong with their soft and adorable swaddles and blankets, the cutest cuddly stuffed animals, beautifully illustrated and engaging children’s books, and enchanting toys and games that bring magic to childhood memories. They strive to offer items that are practical, loveable, and not the standard found in your average store but a treasurable gem. 

A pregnant woman stands in a studio with a hand on her back in a black one-piece suit sugarboo atlanta


With Sugarboo & Co, their company is about more than art; they believe it’s important to be intentional about what they put in their stores. Their goal is to put good out into the world by creating happiness and joy, whether in a big way or a small deed. 

Sugarboo & Co Atlanta

Stop by the fun, whimsical, and wholesome Sugarboo & Co in Atlanta at one of their two locations, Ponce City Market and The Battery, or shop their beautiful collection online and find the perfect must-have for the baby in your life.

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